A design sprint for Toon.

In October 2015, I was invited by the gentleman from Die Studio to participate in a design challenge, hosted by Eneco. Eneco is well known for their smart thermostat called Toon, a device that looks like a tablet and is stuck to the wall, which is connected to all your smart devices at home. With this device, you have a 24/7 insight on your energy usage and it tells you how you can economize, and with that save money. So a perfect service for everyone, but what is to become of this product in the future? In 4 teams, consisting of design students from different studies, we worked on the question; What will Toon look like in 15 years?

Project flow



Eneco, Die Studio

The story.

Daniël Eikelboom

Joep de Wildt

Laura van der Kruijs

We worked on this project for 6 days straight. It started off with research, interviewing users, what Toon exactly is and so on. Toon is already sharing energy usage of users within a district. You can see how much energy the people around you consume compared to the average. After the first day of brainstorming, we came up with a concept; Social Energy. These days, more people use solar panels and other ways to retrieve green energy. We think that in the future it could be possible for people to be energy independent by processing all of their own electricity and water. No big energy company that will be the boss and sets the prices for this energy. But maybe some people are not able to process 100% of green energy for their living, and others may have too much and don’t need it themselves. That’s where Social Energy comes in.

People can use Toon to share jobs on a marketplace where people can get in touch with each other. An old grandmother needs some groceries but needs someone to take them for her, because her back is hurting too much, or a youngster that would like to play the guitar that needs an instructor, all sorts of things can be found. By using Toon, you can help each other out and you will be payed in Toon Credits by the client. These credits can be used in three different ways. You can use these to buy green energy from others, pay someone else for their service or save them, like a pension. You may not need someone’s service right now, but you may in the future. If you are not able of performing certain actions anymore, you can use your Toon Credits to pay other people to do it for you.

With this, we want to tackle ageing, loneliness and unemployment. People can find jobs faster, older people get in touch with new people much easier and you can hang out with whoever needs it. You can make deals for weekly services as well. Oh, and we invented the Toon Bank. No one would be able to store thousands of liters of water. Just like money, Eneco will save your green energy and will share it with other users when they’ve bought some of it. In the future, Toon could become the facilitator of Social Energy, the connector between civilians and the answer to ageing, loneliness and unemployment.

That’s the ‘quick’ recap.

Of course, the story above is a quick version of our total project, that exists of thousands of ideas and texts. Curious about more, our process, ideas, anything else? Get in touch with me!