A blog without purpose.

The old Tele2 blog was build with a standard WordPress theme a couple of years back, and has not been updated after that. The website was there, but there were no business goals, the styling was outdated, no one really owned the product. Since we were re-styling the Tele2 site, there was also time to update the blog, which I got to do. We wanted to make the blog an extra channel to increase conversion, but also make it more appealing to the users and more friendly to user for the publishers.

Project flow

CRO Research  >  UX / UI Design



A landing page with clearer options.

There was no focus on the old site. The content was also responsive in height, which made the page really noisy. In the new design, we make clear what the newest post is, what other people have been reading the most and all other blogs are presented with a fixed height, to make the page less noisy. The trending post can be manipulated. For instance, if a new iPhone has been launched, we want to pin an article over there for a certain time to so increase the amount of people who will read that article.

Consistent presentation of content.

There were a few variations on how blog articles were presented, and the same goes for other components as well. We wanted to keep consistency in how we present certain components to easier recognise elements across different pages.

First the reading, then everything else.

It was pretty hard to actually read to blog without being distracted by everything around it. That doesn’t make it fun to read the content either. The main focus for the blog site is to let users read the content, and afterwards present other options, such as related articles, subscribing to the newsletter and phones that are on sale.

New conversion components.

I designed a few components to place across the different pages to stimulate conversion. We added components for:

  1. Subscribe for a weekly update on our blogs,
  2. A presentation of the newest phones we have to offer,
  3. A campaign component for the current campaign, but alsof or (public) holiday related events such as Valentines Day or Christmas.

A blog that fits Tele2 oustanding style.

After development, we will run some (A/B) tests to see what impact the new design has, and to compare different types of components to see if users stay longer on the site and visit the shop more often.