Getting rid of all paperwork for all parties.

In some healthcare cases, you have to request an authorization for special care or support, such as a compensation for your trip to the hospital or when you want to be treated in a hospital outside of the Netherlands. This request could be submitted by sending a letter with a difficult form inside, whereafter you could expect an answer within approximately 8 – 10 days by post. As a patient, you don’t have 10 days, because you are in need of care immediately. How can we inform the patient as fast as possible about whether we give compliance or not?

The (obvious) answer: digitization.

Project flow

User Research  >  UX / UI Design  >  Prototyping  >  User Testing


Coöperation VGZ

Breaking down the flow.

We grabbed the paper form and started scrapping all questions that didn’t have any impact on the outcome of the authorization. Next, we checked out which information was necessary for the system to give the authorization by itself. This way, customer service doesn’t have to check each submission individually anymore, which reduces a lot of workload. And at last, we created a flowchart to determine how many questions the client has to answer. Not all questions are related to the patients situation. That’s why some users can be done with just 4 questions, while someone else has to answer 8 based on their previous answers.

Designing a ‘mobile-thumb-friendly’ form.

After creating all possibles flows, we tried to tweak each question in such a way, that you can answer most questions with just your thumb by using pre-filled options to choose from. Before, the client had to write down information they weren’t certain about, which produced a lot of invalid forms. This way, the amount of invalid submitted forms should decrease drastically.

The clients we invited for the usability test easily clicked through the prototype and were done in just a minute or 2. It was easy to use, easy to understand and easy to submit.

Estimated outcome.

By digitizing these forms, we want to realise the following (since the project is still in development):

  1. The total first time right should be doubled (above 80%), with the exception when someone submits a form with an open input field that cannot be automatically validated,
  2. We can give compliance directly after the forms have been submitted so clients know what they are up to (except for forms with an open input field),
  3. A huge reduction in costs and workload for the customer service department, since they don’t have to validate each individual form and copy-paste all the data in their systems,
  4. A huge call reduction, since people get an answer either immediately or within 1 day, where they used to start calling after day 5 about the status of their authorization.