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During my User Experience Design specialization, I had the opportunity to work for Travix, the company behind Their website, that is supposed to be used to book flights, was now mainly used as a search engine to find the cheapest flights available. The three of us re-designed their website to make it easier to use and to motivate people to finish booking the tickets on their website as well.

Loading screens are inevitable. To make them more interesting, we take the users to their destination right from the moment that they've clicked the search button. All pages that follow are visualized in style of the selected destination of arrival. The loading screen now gives feedback on how long the loading will approximately take and meanwhile, users will be informed with minor facts and tips about the destination they want to go to. The site shows that it assumes the user will book tickets at that very moment by escorting them to their destination.

There was a lot of confusing motion on the results page, so we re-designed it in such a way, that the user will always be on the exact same page and won't be confused by being forwarded all the time. The filters are easier to find and more information about a flight is placed within the one you've selected. No random pop-ups, no more buttons than necessary, just a fine list of results.

As said before, what follows after selecting the preferred flight, is that all content from now on will be in style with the selected destination. The visuals, look and feel, the copy, testimonials, everything on the following pages should feel like the user already arrived at his destination. This way, we want to improve the customer experience and make everything more relevant to the current situation and booking details, which even may increase the amount of people that add travel insurances and other packages to their trip.