Playstation App Redesign

A messed up application with so many opportunities

There are millions that use Sony's PlayStation app, and yet they came up with one of the least functional apps ever created. Separate apps for multiple core user needs, so you have to switch between apps all the time, and half of the screens aren't actually part of the application, but opens up a website inside the app. Instead of complaining, I thought of a new design and interaction for this app. What would have to change so that I would open the Playstation App every time I turn on my console?

I'm done with aimlessly swiping through a social feed, just waiting for something or someone to pop up that interests you. This feed shows you a friend and all of their updates in a horizontal way. If you want to see more, swipe left or right to see what they have been up to. Not interested in this person? Scroll down to see other friends and see what they've accomplished

Your own profile actually looks like a profile now. Here you can see your level and earned trophies, what your favorite games are and you can look back on recent activities. The profile of your friends look identical

I'm a 'Trophy Hunter', someone who tries to earn every trophy available in a game to earn that Platinum one, to really complete a game for a 100%. While playing, I want to access the list that shows me which trophies I haven't earned yet quickly, and have it tell me what actions I have to perform to earn it. By opening up my trophies, I can see what has to be done in a way that looks graphically nice as well. Want to compare your list with a friend's? Tap the button, select your friends and see who's closest to completing a game

Playing together is one of the most fun things to do. Check your friend list to see who is online and what game they are playing. Wanna join them? Send them a request to join their party, or send them a message to ask them to join your game instead

A application that fits Sony and its entertainment system; the PlayStation 4. By combining the smooth dark blue color and content that represent the amazing games they have to offer, I tried to make the app look like an entertainment system itself. It should be clear that when you open the app, you are using a part of the console itself, as a companion app, a shortcut to communicate or one of the many other ways to make use of it